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Built on Finance

It happens all the time. Shoppers come to a car dealership and fall in love with a vehicle, only to get their hopes dashed by financing hassles. For example, the vehicle might require payments you can’t afford, or your credit score makes it difficult for some dealerships to get you financing. Isn’t there a way to visit a dealership better prepared to select an affordable new or used vehicle?

You bet there is! At Hyundai of Greeley, we give you the tools to shop with us armed with the information you need. All you have to do is fill in a few items our Credit Pre-Approval Form to find out how much credit you have to spend on your car. We don’t ask personal information like your Social Security Number or date of birth, and we won’t do anything to affect your credit score.

No matter what your current credit score, we can get you pre-approved in a jiffy. That’s a giant step forward towards car ownership. One of our sales representatives will assemble an affordable payment plan for the car you want. When you come in, your paperwork will be ready for you to drive off in your new set of wheels!

Fill out the short Hyundai of Greeley Pre-Approval Form today and let’s get you the car you want at a price you can afford.